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All therapists listed below are either Registered Counselling Therapists (RCT) or Registered Counselling Therapist – Candidates (RCT-C).

  • If you are seeking therapy or counselling, click on the ‘NSCCT Private Practice Listing’ on the left and scroll to the bottom to find listings of Counselling Therapists in your area. You will find our Registered members listed alphabetically in county groupings.
  • If you are interested in the variety of settings in which our RCT and RCT-Candidates are employed, click on the ‘Profiles’ section on the right. All Registered members in this listing are provided alphabetically.

These sections are being reconstructed and will have more names added periodically.

If you are interested in any Counselling Therapists’ membership status, and do not see their name listed in either of these lists, please check the ‘Directory of Registered Members’ which is accessed through the NSCCT Homepage.

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