Registered Counselling Therapist and Candidate Profiles

NSCCT has over 200 Registered Counselling Therapists and Registered Counselling Therapist Candidates. Read about the variety of settings where you may find a RCT or RCT-C attending to the personal, emotional, mental health and career needs of persons from children to the elderly.

Registered Counselling Therapists (RCT) and Registered Counselling Therapist Candidates (RCT-C) are licensed by and registered with the NSCCT.

All RCTs and RCT-Cs have a minimum of a Masters level academic degree in counselling. RCTs have completed a 2000-hour supervised candidacy and RCT-Cs are engaged in this process. All registered members adhere to a Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice as prescribed in An Act Respecting the Practice of Counselling Therapists. Click here to view The Act and Regulations.

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Name: Sheila Ago

Credentials: M.Div; M.Ed, CCC, RCT-C

Employer: In Private Practice


Clientele: Children, adolescents, men and women of all ages

Scope of Practice: Individual counseling, family counseling, couple counseling, grief and end of life counseling. Trauma/ post traumatic stress counseling. Stress and anxiety counseling. Cultural adaptation issues. Male and female victims of sexual abuse. Alcohol and drug-related counseling. Divorce and single-parenting, Pre-marital counseling. Abortion and post abortion counseling. Healing of the soul for people of faith.

Location: Lewis Lake near Upper Tantallon but prepared to travel to a mutually convenient venue.

Phone: 902 8807236, 902 404 8516


Name: Nakita Archibald

Credentials: MA, RCT-C, CCC

Employer: Private Practice, PC Women’s Resource and Sexual Assault Centre

Position: Private Practitioner, Sexualized Violence Therapist

Clientele: Adolescents, Adults, Individuals and Couples

Scope of Practice: Trauma-informed practice; client-centered, solution-focused; utilizing elements of CBT; mindfulness based interventions. Primary focus in trauma, abuse, and attachment, addictive disorders, anxiety, depression, emotional difficulties, relationship difficulties, communication skills.

Location: Truro, NS

Phone: (902) 897-2880


Name: Alison Arthur

Credentials: MEd (Counselling), RCT

Employer: Annapolis Valley Regional School Board, Private practice

Position: School Counsellor, Private practitioner

Clientele: Students grades 9-12, adults and adolescents

Scope of Practice: Social, emotional, and personal issues and career counselling in the school setting. Life change, grief and loss, anxiety, depression in private practice.

Location: Middleton Regional High School, Middleton, Nova Scotia and Bridgetown and Area Health Centre

Phone: 902) 825-5357(school); (902) 309-1055(clinic)


Name: Heidi Aunins

Credentials: M.Ed. Counselling, RCT-C, CCC




Scope of Practice: 15 years experience utilizing an integrative approach of mind, body and spirit with adults, children and families with mental health and addictive disorders. Specialization: physical, emotional and sexual trauma; bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, attention deficit disorder, anger management, conduct disorder, opiate dependence and alcohol misuse. Methods: dialectical behavioral therapy, creative arts and relaxation therapies

Location: Dartmouth, N.S.

Phone: 902-473-0607


Name: Michael Belgrave

Credentials: M.Div., M.Ed. (Counselling), RCT, CCC

Employer: Belgrave Counselling Therapy

Position: Psychotherapist and Core Team Member

Clientele: Children & Adolescents, Adults (Individuals, Couples & Families)

Scope of Practice: Attachment & Trauma, Relationship/Couples and Family Counselling, Grief & Loss, Work-Related Concerns, Spirituality, Counsellor Supervision.

Location: 6351 North Street, Halifax, NS B3L 1P7

Phone: 902.407.5166


Name: Elizabeth Berlasso

Credentials: MEd (Counselling), RCT, Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction facilitator (Omega Institute, NY)

Employer: Capital Health, Halifax NS; Shepell EAP provider; Private Practice, Halifax NS

Position: Psychotherapist; Supervisor for RCT-Candidates

Clientele: Adults, children, youth, couples; students

Scope of Practice: Emotional-focused and interpersonal psychotherapy; treatment for trauma, depression, anxiety, chronic illness disability; mindfulness-based interventions; stress management; psychosocial assessment and recommendations; supervision of RCT-Candidates

Location: Serving all of HRM area; office located in central Halifax

Phone: (902) 454-6919 with voice mail


Name: Joe A. Bishara

Credentials: M.Ed (Counselling) CCC, RCT

Employer: Tri-County Regional School Board

Position: Counsellor

Clientele: Child and Adolescent, Adults, Couples, Families.

Scope of Practice: Counselling Therapy practice utilizing Narrative and CBT approaches to address distress/disorders involving: Trauma, Stress and Anxiety, Anger and Depression, Emotional Resilience, Career & Life Transitions, Grief and Loss, Addictive patterns, Mindfulness-based exploration of self and relationships.

Location: Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

Phone: 902-749-2810 Ext 2129


Name: Jean Blackler

Credentials: BSc(Hons); Master of Counselling, Counselling Psychology;RCT

Employer: Private Practice - Jean Blackler Counselling Services

Position: Registered Counselling Therapist

Clientele: Children, Youth, Adults, Seniors

Scope of Practice: Loss; Family; Transitions

Location: Queens, Lunenburg, Shelburne, Annapolis Counties Offices: 6 Bridge St., Milton; 144 Dufferin St., Bridgewater

Phone: 902-354-4660; 902-646-0267


Name: Nancy Blair

Credentials: MES, M.Ed, RCT, CCC, CCDP. Therapeutic Training (individual and group): Client-Centred Therapy, Career Counselling, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Solutions-Based Therapy. Ten years on-the-job training. Areas of expertise include: Transition and career; Ageing; Workplace (specializing in anxiety); Disabilities: chronic and critical Illnesses; mental and physical health; learning disabilities. Training in Animal Assisted Therapy in Counselling / Pet Loss and Bereavement.

Employer: Private Practice, Nancy Blair Counselling

Position: Registered Counselling Therapist

Clientele: Clients dealing with significant life changes (planned or unexpected) who are searching for an Individualized and creative approach to their situation.

Scope of Practice: Wise decisions in times of change - loss, transition, new life. Values- and goals-based counselling to deal with life changes - career, work, family, ageing, retirement, disability, illness, pet bereavement.

Location: Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Phone: (902) 223-3151



Name: Felicia Boutilier

Credentials: B.Sc.O.T. (Reg NS), Med (Counsellng), RCT, CCC, RRP

Employer: Spectrum Consulting

Position: Owner

Clientele: Adults

Scope of Practice: Anxiety, depression, addiction issues, eating disorders and body image issues, trauma, workplace issues, and career counselling.

Location: Dartmouth, NS

Phone: 902-222-5022


Name: Caroline Bradley

Credentials: M.Ed, RCT, CCC

Employer: Saint Mary’s University

Position: Clinical Therapist

Clientele: Teenagers and Adults

Scope of Practice: Depression, anxiety, stress management, relationship difficulties, low self-esteem, grief, panic, anger management, and many other personal difficulties.

Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia

Phone: 902-420-5615

Name: Valerie A. Brown

Credentials: MA, RCT-C Level 1 EMDR Therapy Certificate in Solution Focused Therapy

Employer: Archway Counselling Association

Position: Therapist

Clientele: Individuals, Couples, Children and Families

Scope of Practice: Valerie supports her clients to manage anxiety, depression, relationships, developing healthy communication, boundaries, and other issues of concern. Her therapeutic approach is based on unconditional positive regard through CBT, EFT and Solution Focused Therapy. Valerie has completed the Level 1 EMDR training and is now qualified to use this therapy with those suffering with various forms of trauma.

Location: 883 Prince Street Truro, NS B2N 1H2

Phone: 902-893-3991


Name: Dr. Mike Buckley

Credentials: PhD Psychology, MA Counselling, RCT, CCC.

Employer: Private Practice: The Compass Rose Counselling Services Inc.

Position: Owner/President

Clientele: Teens and Adults

Scope of Practice: Specializing in substance & process addictions including gambling, shopping, sex, porn, and internet. Also specializing in Trauma, PTSD, dissociation, and Borderline. Individual, couples, & families.

Location: 36 Brookshire Court, Suite 200, Bedford, NS B4A 3E9

Phone: (902)346-2158


Name: E Leanne Cameron

Credentials: M.Ed. Counselling RCT #18-002 CCC #12659

Employer: Ledgehill Treatment and Recovery Centre, Private Practice, Coldbrook NS

Position: Clinical Supervisor, Counselling Therapist

Clientele: 18 + (Individuals, Couples, Families)

Scope of Practice: Addiction and Mental Health, Individual Psychotherapy, CBT, DBT, ACT

Location: Lawrencetown, NS

Phone: 1-902-584-7124



Name: Alanna Campbell

Credentials: RCT. MEd, CCC

Employer: Simply Well Being…Counselling & Self Care

Position: Counselling Therapist RCT

Clientele: Adolescents 16-adults

Scope of Practice: Anxiety, regulation, depression, OCD, self-harming behaviors, gender identity issues. Alanna has a particular interest in the effects of trauma and attachment, with a focus on helping clients understand the root causes of the disruptive symptoms that they are experiencing, and supporting them in making positive changes.

Location: Keltic Professional Center, Suite 3, 5 Detheridge Drive, Sydney, Nova Scotia

Phone: 902-500-0425



Name: Scott Campbell

Credentials: M.Ed. (counselling), RCT

Employer: Private Practice

Position: Counsellor

Clientele: Individual Adult

Scope of Practice: Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Mood Disorders, Life Transitions, Sex and Sexuality, GLBTQ Anger Management, Grief and Loss Work/Life Balance

Location: Kentville

Phone: 902-679-7443

Name: Nick Cardone

Credentials: M.Ed., RCT-C, CCC

Employer: Self Employed at: Free Range Therapy – Counselling, Psychotherapy and Training.

Position: Registered Counselling Therapist, Consultant, Educator/Trainer

Clientele: Specializing in working with primarily with men, anyone leading/interested in an active, outdoors lifestyle, or curious about ‘therapy outside normal environments’. Adolescents and adults welcome.

Scope of Practice: * Individual Counselling (including office-based, ‘walk-and-talk’ adventure therapy sessions); * Group therapy with The T.O.N.E. Project - see website below; * Consulting and Training for organizations or institutions, professionals or students.

Location: Halifax, as well as various HRM locations (depending on activity chosen for sessions).

Phone: 902-456-3613



Name: Eleanor Clarke

Credentials: M.Ed. (Counselling), RCT‐C, CCC

Employer: EMC Counselling

Position: Counsellor

Clientele: Individuals

Scope of Practice: Anxiety, Depression, Attachment, Trauma, Grief, Divorce, Relationship Challenges, Caregiver Fatigue

Location: 1446 Dresden Row, Halifax B3J 3T5 2nd location: Bedford

Phone: 902-­220‐9326


Name: Carol Jean Cleveland

Credentials: M. Ed/Counselling, Certified Canadian Counsellor, Registered Counselling Therapist-Candidate

Employer: South Shore Regional School Board / Self: Restored Paths Counselling Services, Inc.

Position: Substitute Guidance Counsellor/teacher, Self Employed

Clientele: Children 5 years +, Adolescents, Adults, Individuals, Groups

Scope of Practice: anger, anxiety, stress, depression, grief/loss/divorce, trauma, relationship issues, shame, school-related issues, bullying issues, friendship issues, social skills, autism, academic issues, ADHD, self-confidence, shame/self-worth issues, adolescent issues, spiritual crisis, spiritual abuse, conflict resolution/restorative practices Approaches: Equine Assisted Psychotherapy/Learning (access to indoor) CBT, Solution Focused, Mindfulness, Narrative, Play therapy, Nature walk/talk or office talk, Trauma-informed practice

Location: Martin’s River/Indian Point/Mahone Bay

Phone: 902-212-2945


Name: Brenda Coish-Ginn

Credentials: M.Ed. (Counselling), RCT-C, CCC, RN (Registered Counselling Therapist-Candidate, Registered Nurse)

Employer: Self-Employed Private Practice – One Grace Counselling

Position: Registered Counselling Therapist-Candidate, Registered Nurse

Clientele: Specialized in working with clients (individuals, couples, families) who are challenged with health issues or diagnosis

Scope of Practice: Relationship challenges (Emotionally Focused Therapy), Life transitions (illness, aging, career, midlife, identity, divorce, etc.), Loss & grief, End-of-life/palliative care, Compassion fatigue (family & professional caregivers)

Location: Serving from locations in Halifax, Dartmouth, & West Porters Lake

Phone: 902-489-5554


Name: Heather Colquhoun

Credentials: M. Ed (Counselling), RCT-C, CCC

Employer: Halifax Regional Police

Position: Victim Services Case Worker

Clientele: Adults, Seniors, Youth

Scope of Practice: Supporting victims of crime through crisis counselling, primarily victims of intimate partner violence and sexual assault; trauma; grief and loss.

Location: Dartmouth, NS

Phone: 902-490-5300


Name: Kelly Copeland

Credentials: M.Ed Counselling, RCT, CCC,CTRS,B.Leisure Studies (Therapeutic Recreation)

Employer: Copeland Counselling Services

Position: Private Practice Counselor

Clientele: Individual Counselling, Adults, Seniors

Scope of Practice: anxiety, depression, grief and loss, anger management, infertility, pain management, job burnout, Caregiver burnout, domestic abuse.

Location: Lifemark Health Centre Inside the Canada Games Centre 26 Thomas Raddall Drive, Suite 182 Halifax, NS B3S 0E2

Phone: 902-225-2845


Name: Denis Cormier

Credentials: M. Ed (Counselling), RCT-C, CCC

Employer: Strait Regional School Board, Bluer Skies Counselling (private practice)

Position: School Counsellor/ Private Practitioner

Clientele: Students, and in private practice, Everyone

Scope of Practice: Work with all issues, generalist

Location: Office in Inverness

Phone: 902.224.0781


Name: Joan Conrad Cormier

Credentials: MACP RCT

Employer: JC Psychological Health & Wellness, Searidge Foundation

Position: RCT

Clientele: 18+

Scope of Practice: Addictions concurrent disorders Relationships/couples/individuals

Location: Kingston NS, Upper Clements NS

Phone: 902-844-2077


Name: Debbie Covey-Getson

Credentials: M.Ed, RCT-C, CCC

Employer: Bower-Jacquard Psychological Services/ Dept of Justice-Victim Services Division

Position: Counselling Therapist/ Victim Services Officer

Clientele: Women, Men, Adolescents, Children

Scope of Practice: Working with individuals who have suffered from emotional, physical and/or sexual abuse. My approach to counseling is generally cognitive-behavioral.

Location: 88 Coldbrook Village Park Dr. Coldbrook, NS B4R 1B9



Name: Andrea Currie

Credentials: MEd (Counselling) RCT-C

Employer: Theresa Cremo Memorial Health Centre, Waycobah First Nation

Position: Counselling Therapist

Clientele: Individuals, couples, families living on our reserve and sometimes from neighbouring reserves; residential school survivors; community members living with or having survived cancer; community members living with a chronic mental illness; two-spirited people.

Scope of Practice: I provide: individual, couple, family, group counselling; programs to enhance community wellness; training workshops on a range of topics related to indigenous mental health.

Location: Waycobah First Nation, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

Phone: 756-3358


Name: Marie-Louise d'Entremont-Gray

Credentials: M.Ed, RCT-C, CCC

Employer: School Board, CSAP and part-time private practice Mar Lou D. Therapy-thérapie

Position: Social Worker, SchoolsPlus

Clientele: Children, Adolescents, and Adults

Scope of Practice: Areas of Specialties: Career Counselling, anxiety, depression, trauma, mindfulness, interpersonal difficulties, equine facilitated wellness and relationship

Location: Yarmouth and Digby Counties

Phone: (902) 740-7663


Name: Wendell d’Eon

Credentials: B.A./B.Ed., Masters in Educational Psychology and Measurement, RCT with NSCCT and CCC with CCPA

Employer: Private Practice

Position: Counselling Therapist / D’Eon Personal Counselling

Clientele: Children, teens and adults

Scope of Practice: Works with a variety of mental health issues such as depression and anxiety with children and adults

Location: West Pubnico and Yarmouth, N.S.

Phone: (902) 762-0111


Name: Wendy Jones Darrow

Credentials: M Ed Curriculum, M Ed Counselling RCT , CCC Retired educator/school counsellor – 33 yrs experience

Employer: Currently, work occasional ly for the Tri County Regional School Board in school counselling

Position: Substitute for School Counsellor

Clientele: Junior and Senior high school students

Scope of Practice: Relationship issues, stress, anxiety, depression, career/life planning, academic problems, resiliency skills, self esteem, suicide and self harm intervention, relaxation therapy

Location: Shelburne, Nova Scotia

Phone: 902-875-3300


Name: Kelly Davison

Credentials: M.ED, RCT-C, CCC

Employer: Private Practice, Kelly Davison Counselling

Position: Registered Counselling Therapist

Clientele: Adults (18+)/Couples/Small Families/Workshop Groups

Scope of Practice: Anxiety, Depression, Relationship Issues, Life Transitions (including career, cultural, and life stages), Life/Work Balance, Developmental Trauma, Grief and Loss, Compulsive Behaviours, Body Image, Self-Harm, Disordered Eating, and Personal Growth

Location: 189 Dykeland Street, Wolfville, NS

Phone: Work: 902-542-0834 Cell: 902-698-2860



Name: Karla Dawe

Credentials: M.Ed(Counselling), RCT-C, CCC. Diploma in Addiction Speciality.

Employer: NS Health Authority/ Private Practice

Position: Intake Coordinator/ Therapist

Clientele: Adults/ Seniors, Adults, Adolescents, Children

Scope of Practice: Mental Health/ Bereavement, Intimate Partner Violence, Mindfulness, Forgiveness, Addictions, Sadness, Anxiety, Anger, Work Stress, Career Transition, Retirement, Caregiver stress, Grief & Loss, Divorce, Separation.

Location: 7071 Bayer’s Road Suite 109 Bayer’s Road Centre, Halifax, NS B3L 4T7/ Spartan Nutrition & Wellness (inside)171 Main Street unit 102, Dartmouth, NS B2X 1S1

Phone: 902.454.1400 / 902.789.8784


Name: Molly De Shong

Credentials: MEd. (Counselling), RCT-C, CCC Health-Based Psychotherapy (Diploma)

Employer: Self-employed, private practice


Clientele: Adults, couples, families, teens. Self-referred and EAP.

Scope of Practice: Anxiety, depression, career and life transition, grief and loss, addictions, workplace/relationship/family therapy and conflict resolution. Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and other mindfulness applications. Group facilitation, mediation.

Location: Two locations: Clayton Park: Park West Medical Clinic, #116-287 Lacewood Dr, Halifax NS Downtown Halifax: The Executive Centre, 1701 Hollis St. #800, Halifax NS

Phone: 902-802-6543


Name: Susan DeWolf

Credentials: MEd. Counselling, RCT, CCC

Employer: Private Practice

Position: Counselling Therapist

Clientele: Children, Youth, Individuals, Couples, Family, group facilitator

Scope of Practice: Trauma informed, healthy relationship focused, mindfulness practices using attachment theory lens for healing. Attachment based Circle of Security Parenting and Wellness Group Facilitator

Location: Halifax, NS

Phone: 902-210-5959


Name: Lisa Dexter

Credentials: Masters in Education (Counselling), RCT-C, CCC

Employer: Halifax Regional School Board, Private Agency

Position: Counseling Therapist, Guidance Counselor

Clientele: Adolescents, Young Adults and Adults

Scope of Practice: Therapy for social, emotional and personal issues including anxiety, grief, trauma, life coaching and career counseling. I also offer case management and educational services.

Location: 25 Wentworth St. Unit 102 Dartmouth, NS

Phone: 902-222-9854


Name: Anne Dobson

Credentials: MEd (Counselling), RCT-C, CCC

Employer: Private practice

Position: Self employed

Clientele: Individuals, couples, older teens/young adults

Scope of Practice: EAP and self-referral for anxiety, depression, stress, conflict and anger management, adjustment to life changes – health, family, relationship, work.

Location: Clayton Park and Eastern Passage

Phone: 902-443-6996


Name: Michael Donaldson

Credentials: M.A., RCT. CCC-S

Employer: Private Practice


Clientele: Adolescents, teens, adults, couples

Scope of Practice: Anxiety, depression, relationships, stress, spiritual growth, anger, grief, abuse, work related issues etc. EFAP’s accepted, Court Ordered Assessments

Location: Bedford, NS

Phone: 1-902-229-8924


Name: Heather Doyle

Credentials: MEd (Counselling), CCC, RCT-C

Employer: Private Practice


Clientele: Adults-Individuals, couples and groups.

Scope of Practice: Mindfulness-Based Counselling approach to working with stress, anxiety, depression, stage-of-life transition and adjustment, loss, parenting, separation and divorce, work/life balance, confilict resolution, relationship issues, addiction. Workplace Wellness Programs and Mindfulness Retreats.

Location: Halifax/Dartmouth

Phone: 902-223-1832


Name: John Driscoll

Credentials: B.Sc., M.Div., M. Ed., RCT, CCC

Employer: Nova Scotia Community College, Akerley Campus Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Position: Student Services Counsellor


Scope of Practice:

Location: Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Phone: (902) 491-4945


Name: Brian Duggan

Credentials: M.Th, RCT



Clientele: Individuals, couples

Scope of Practice: EAP, couple, stress, grief, anger

Location: Home office in Dartmouth

Phone: 902.434.2317


Name: Janet Fraser

Credentials: M Ed Counselling, RCT-C

Employer: Annapolis Valley Regional School Board and Private Practitioner

Position: Counsellor

Clientele: Adolescents and Adults

Scope of Practice: Mild to moderate anxiety and/or depression; self confidence and self- esteem, relationship issues, grief and loss, workplace stress, life transitions, career and education navigation

Location: Windsor, NS

Phone: 902-306-2224


Name: Theresa Fraser

Credentials: • Child Care Worker/ Certified Child and Youth Care Practitioner/ diploma in General Social Work/ Certificate in Child Abuse Awareness • Canadian Play Therapy Supervisor/ Australian Play Therapy Supervisor/ 1 of 2 certified Play Therapists in N.S. • Trauma and Loss Clinical Specialist • Registered Psychotherapists (Ontario) • Certificate in Thanatology/ EMDR LEVEL 1 • Master’s Degree in Counselling Psychology • RCT Nova Scotia • Current Phd Candidate Psychology/ Play Therapy

Employer: Nova Scotia Health, Private Practice

Position: Clinical Therapist

Clientele: School aged children and their families for NSHEALTH

Scope of Practice: In my private practice I can work with folks across the lifespan, complete HRT assessments / parenting capacity assessments/ SAFE home studies/ Play Therapy/ EMDR, Trauma Assessments

Location: Pictou County

Phone: 902 301 9192


Name: Peter Goodman, MA, RCT, CCC

Credentials: MA Psychology, RCT CTA – Certified Transactional Analyst

Employer: EastWind Health Associates - Private Practice

Position: Self-employed

Clientele: Individual and Couples

Scope of Practice: Individual and Couples; Emotionally-Focused Therapy; Mindfulness-based ACT; Transactional Analysis; Trauma-informed therapies

Location: 2776 Dublin St. Halifax, NS B3L 3K3

Phone: 902.422.3760


Name: Mary Goodman, Ph.D., RCT, CCC-S

Credentials: MA Psychology (clinical) PhD Psychology (academic)

Employer: Self-employed—EastWind Health Associates

Position: Counselling Therapist

Clientele: General

Scope of Practice: Individuals and couples; emotionally-focused therapy; trauma (EMDR) and trauma-informed therapies; mindfulness-based/ACT; psychodynamic psychotherapy; simple supportive counselling.

Location: 2776 Dublin Street Halifax, Nova Scotia B3L 3K3

Phone: 902-422-3760


Name: Dr. Janice Graham-Migel

Credentials: PhD, CCC, RCT

Employer: Halifax Regional School Board

Position: School Counsellor

Clientele: Grades 6 - 9

Scope of Practice: Comprehensive Guidance and Counselling Program

Location: Ridgecliff Middle School, Beechville, Nova Scotia

Phone: 902-876-4381, ext. 103


Name: Bryan Hagerman

Credentials: D-Min, MA, MEd, MDiv, Bed, BA

Employer: The Therapist At Large, PT Health

Position: Registered Counselling Therapist

Clientele: All ages.

Scope of Practice: Depression, Anxiety, Marriage & Family, Conflict Resolution, Relational Issues, Grief Counselling, Phobia.

Location: Dartmouth & Amherst.

Phone: 902 471 7919 & 902 667 2929




Name: Faye Halpern, MACP, RCT

Credentials: MA Counselling Psychology (MACP); Registered Counselling Therapist (RCT); BA Speech Pathology & Audiology; Certified Shambhala International Meditation Instructor, Non-Violent Crisis Intervention Certification; Active Parenting Full Instructor Certification

Employer: Owner, Compassionate Counselling

Position: Counselling Therapist

Clientele: Clients of all ages: individuals, couples, groups and families

Scope of Practice: Trauma-Informed Care, Relationship Strategies, Sexual Abuse, Stress, Anxiety, PTSD, Substance Misuse, Grief/Loss, Depression, Sexual Orientation, Anger Management, Health, Career, Life Transitions, all issues.

Location: Halifax, in a loving and accepting environment

Phone: 902-479-2040 or 902-471-7172 (Cell)


Name: Janice Hartley

Credentials: MACP, RCT-C, CCC-Q

Employer: Private Practice

Position: Counsellor

Clientele: Children and Adults

Scope of Practice: General practice. Anxiety, OCD, Social Anxiety, Panic disorder, Generalized anxiety disorder, Trauma informed care, Childhood abuse, Sexual abuse, Depression. PTSD, Phobias, Stress, Parenting

Location: 36- 200 Brookshire Ct Bedford, NS

Phone: (902) 412-1557


Name: Sarah Hergett

Credentials: M.Ed., MPA, RCT-C

Employer: Hergett Counselling and Consulting

Position: Sole Proprietor, Counsellor and Consultant

Clientele: Children, Youth, Adults, Families, Persons living with an intellectual challenge

Scope of Practice: Trauma Informed; Strengths Based; Client Centered, Solution Focused, CBT, Motivational Interviewing. Anxiety, Depression, Stress Management, Grief/Loss, OCD, Panic, Parenting, ADHD (esp girls/ women), Addiction, Smoking Cessation Mentally Healthy Workplace Consulting

Location: 390 Main Street, Unit C, Wolfville B4P 1C9 1454 Pereau Road, Canning (Delhaven) B0P 1H0

Phone: 902 692-1178



Name: Sarah Hopkins

Credentials: MEd, RCT-C, CCC

Employer: Erica Baker Psychological Services Ltd.

Position: Career Counsellor

Clientele: High school students, university students, adults

Scope of Practice: Career counselling and assessment

Location: 1331 Brenton Street, Halifax, NS

Phone: 902-445-3851


Name: Jeanette Hung

Credentials: M.Ed. (Counselling), RCT, CCC

Employer: Counselling and Psychological Services Dalhousie University

Position: Coordinator, Career Counselling Services

Clientele: University Students

Scope of Practice: Career Counselling and Development, Communication Skills Training

Location: Halifax

Phone: 902-494-2081


Name: Constance Huyer

Credentials: M. Ed., RCT, CCC

Employer: Parker Grey Health Therapy Associates

Position: Registered Counselling Therapist

Clientele: Individuals and Couples

Scope of Practice: Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Mood Disorders, Life Transitions, Sex and Sexuality, GLBTQ, Anger Management, Grief and Loss Work/Life Balance, Career Counselling and Consulting, Couples Counselling

Location: 60 Aberdeen Street, Kentville, NS

Phone: 902-497-1799


Name: Donnie Jeffrey

Credentials: M.Ed. C. Psych, RCT,CCC

Employer: Halifax Counselling & Consulting / Saint Mary’s University

Position: Clinical Therapist

Clientele: Individuals, Couples, Families, Young Adults

Scope of Practice: Anger, Communication, Career Counselling, Couples Counselling, Divorce & Separation, Family, Group, Life Skills Training, Premarital Counselling, Relationships, Self-Esteem, Sexual Orientation, Sexuality & Gender, Stress.

Location: Halifax

Phone: 902-441-8915 / 902-420-5431


Name: Brenda Johnson

Credentials: MEd Counselling, RCT, CCC, MTA, BMT

Employer: Sound Connections Therapy Services

Position: Counselling Therapist, Music Therapist

Clientele: All ages and abilities, on-site services available

Scope of Practice: Individual and group, children, adolescents and adults. Specializing in learning differences, brain injury, trauma, at-risk behaviors and women’s issues. Creative interventions and music therapy available.

Location: 1454 Pereau Road, Canning, NS B0P 1H0

Phone: (902) 692-1662



Name: Karen Johnston-Hutchins

Credentials: BA, BEd, MEd(Admin), MEd(Psych), RCT, CCC

Employer: Private Practice: Karen Johnston-Hutchins Counselling Halifax Regional School Board

Position: Registered Counselling Therapist High School Guidance Counsellor

Clientele: Adults, Couples, Families, Adolescents, Children

Scope of Practice: Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Anger, Relationships, Conflict Mediation, Divorce/Separation, Parenting, Sexuality, Sexual Orientation, Education, Careers

Location: Halifax

Phone: 902-476-1221



Name: Belinda Josephson

Credentials: M.Ed Counselling RCT, CCC M.Ed. Curriculum M.A. Educational Administration

Employer: South Shore Regional School Board

Position: School Guidance Counsellor

Clientele: Students, teens & adults

Scope of Practice: Anxiety, depression , conflict management

Location: Bridgewater, NS

Phone: 902-541-8234


Name: Jocelynn C. Keilty

Credentials: MC, RCT

Employer: Cumberland Health Authority

Position: Mental Health Early Response Clinician

Clientele: Adults and adolescents

Scope of Practice: Early/crisis response and consultation for clients presenting with urgent mental health crises in the hospital emergency room, on an acute care unit, at the mental health centre or in the broader community.

Location: Amherst, NS

Phone: (902) 667-0879


Name: Sara Lamb

Credentials: MEd (Counselling), RCT, CCC

Employer: Private Practice

Position: Psychotherapist

Clientele: Adults, children, couples, families and individuals

Scope of Practice: EFT couple therapy, family/child therapy, parenting, adoption, attachment difficulties, trauma, separation/divorce, anxiety & depression, domestic violence, anger, sexuality, gender issues, eating disorders, mediation

Location: Halifax

Phone: (902) 473-0813


Name: Midge Lane

Credentials: M.Ed.,RCT

Employer: Private practice

Position: Counselling Therapist

Clientele: Couples, individuals, families

Scope of Practice: Relationship, intimacy, anxiety, depression, separation & divorce, parenting, stress management, grief, blended family

Location: Wolfville, NS

Phone: 902-542-1109


Name: Dianne M Lee

Credentials: MEd (Counselling), RCT , CCC

Employer: Private Practice

Position: Therapist / Facilitator

Clientele: Primarily Individual Adults / Workplace groups

Scope of Practice: Short term counselling/EAP work ; Stress, anxiety, loss/grief, trauma, anger, coping with change, relationships ; Training /workshops/Workplace Interventions

Location: Truro , NS

Phone: 902 – 893 -0215


Name: Karen Llewellyn

Credentials: MEd., RCT, CCC

Employer: Kachina Health Associates

Position: Private Practice

Clientele: children, youth and adults, individual and family therapy

Scope of Practice: effects of trauma and abuse, grief, anxiety and depression, individuals with disabilities and their families, play therapy and equine assisted psychotherapy

Location: 5539A Young St., Halifax

Phone: 455-2220, #2


Name: Christy MacArthur

Credentials: MEd (Counselling), RCT, CCC

Employer: Christy MacArthur Counselling


Clientele: individuals, couples

Scope of Practice: anxiety, depression, grief and loss, life, transitions, academic and career issues relationship issues, parenting, spirituality. Also Walk and Talk therapy, Book therapy.

Location: 2045 Harvard St., Suite 201, Halifax, NS

Phone: (902) 478-0904



Name: Margaret MacDonell

Credentials: M.Div., M.Ed.(Counselling) RCT, CCC Certified EMDR Clinician, Certified EFT Couples Therapist, Internal Family Systems (Level 1&2)



Clientele: Youth/Adult – Individual, Couple, Family

Scope of Practice: Trauma informed; attachment focused Trauma, depression, anxiety, grief, couples

Location: 1446 Dresden Row Halifax, N.S. B3J 3T5

Phone: 902-431-3916


Name: Lisa MacNutt

Credentials: BA (Psyc), AEd, MEd (Educ Psyc),MEd (Counselling), RCT-C, CCC

Employer: Private Practice

Position: Therapeutic Counsellor

Clientele: Child, Youth & Families Health & Wellness

Scope of Practice: Addresses issues affecting children, youth, and families; coaches clients looking to create a healthier, more balanced lifestyle.

Location: Breathing Space Yoga Studio, Truro, NS B2N 1G2

Phone: 902 305 3157


Name: Lisa Mader

Credentials: MEd in Counselling, CCC, RCT

Employer: Nova Scotia Community College

Position: Student Services Counsellor

Clientele: College Students

Scope of Practice: Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Addictions, Relationships, Abuse, Parenting, Eating Disorders, Career Counselling, Crisis Counselling, Mediation

Location: Halifax Campus

Phone: 902-491-4588


Name: Michelle Malloy

Credentials: MEd. (Counselling), RCT-C, CCC, C.Hyp.™

Employer: Private Practitioner – Harvard Street Healing Arts Centre

Position: Counselling Therapist

Clientele: Individuals, Adults (16+)

Scope of Practice: Anxiety, Depression, Grief, Trauma, Sexual Abuse Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapist™ - sleep deprivation, weight loss, pain management, smoking cessation Grief Recovery Specialist® Trauma-Informed Practice Victim’s Services

Location: 2045 Harvard Street, Suite 201, Halifax, NS B3L 2S6

Phone: 902-488-2922


Name: Rosemary Manning-Ryan

Credentials: M Ed. (Counselling), CCC, RCT

Employer: Halifax Regional School Board

Position: School Counsellor

Clientele: Grade P-9

Scope of Practice: Supporting students with social, emotional, career and academic issues using: Zones of Regulation, anxiety/ depression coping skills and Career Cycles model.

Location: Bicentennial School, Dartmouth, NS

Phone: (902) 464-2094 ext. 4


Name: Anne Mariner

Credentials: MA, RCT, CCC

Employer: Mariner & Mariner Counselling & Psychotherapy

Position: Partner

Clientele: Individuals, Couples, Families

Scope of Practice: Individuals - Anger, Anxiety, Panic, Self-esteem, Depression, Trauma, PTSD, Addictions, Loss Couples - including Couples Co-Counselling (with Robert Mariner), Communication, Problem Solving, Intimacy, Infidelity, Trust/Jealousy, Separation, Co-Parenting

Location: Halifax Professional Centre 740-5991 Spring Garden Road Halifax, Nova Scotia B3H 1Y6

Phone: 902.496.5656


Name: Robert Mariner

Credentials: MA, RCT, CCC

Employer: Mariner & Mariner Counselling & Psychotherapy

Position: Partner

Clientele: Individuals, Couples & Families

Scope of Practice: Individuals – Anger, Anxiety, Panic, Self-esteem, Depression, Trauma, PTSD, Addictions, Loss, Couples – including Couples Co-Counselling (with Anne Mariner), Communication, Problem Solving, Intimacy, Infidelity, Trust/Jealousy, Separation, Co-Parenting

Location: Halifax Professional Centre 740 – 5991 Spring Garden Road Halifax, NS B3H 1Y6

Phone: 902 -496 - 5656


Name: Maher Al Masalmeh

Credentials: MED (Counselling)

Employer: Private Practice (Counselling Services)

Position: Counselor

Clientele: • Children (6 to 10) • Preteens / Tweens (11 to 13) • Adolescents / Teenagers (14 to 19) • Adults • Elders (65+)

Scope of Practice: • ADHD • Anger Management • Behavioral Issues • Career Guidance • Depression • Family Conflict • Gambling • Grief • Obsessive-Compulsive (OCD) • Parenting • Relationship Issues • Sleep or Insomnia • Stress • Substance Abuse • Trauma and PTSD

Location: 10 Jubilee Avenue Stellarton, NS. B0K 1S0

Phone: 902-752-6688


Name: Margaret Rose Mauger

Credentials: BA Psych. Hon., M.Ed Counselling, RCT-C, CCC

Employer: Colchester Sexual Assault Centre; Mauger Counselling Services

Position: Executive Director & Counselling Therapist

Clientele: Male, female, over 16 years of age

Scope of Practice: Education, referral, presentations/workshops. Short-term counselling and support for adult survivors of sexual assault and abuse aged 16 and over. Safe space.

Location: 80 Glenwood Drive, Truro , NS

Phone: (902) 897-4366


Name: Marian McDonald

Credentials: Master of Education (Counselling and Human Development) RCT, CCC

Employer: Private Practice, Burris-McDonald Counselling

Position: Counselling Therapist

Clientele: Individuals, Couples, Groups

Scope of Practice: Individual and couple counselling; critical incident stress management

Location: Shortt's Lake, Colchester County, NS

Phone: 902.673.3464


Name: Derrick McEachern

Credentials: M.Ed., RCT, CCC

Employer: Nova Scotia Community College

Position: Student Services Counsellor

Clientele: Adolescents, Adults

Scope of Practice: Therapeutic Counselling, Career Counselling

Location: Institute of Technology Campus, 5685 Leeds Street, Halifax, NS B3K 2T3

Phone: 902 491 4588


Name: Victoria Mckee MSc

Credentials: MSc,RCT-C,CCC

Employer: Lesley Hartman & associates Inc

Position: Counsellor

Clientele: Individuals 17 and older

Scope of Practice: Addictions (narcotics, alcohol, gambling, internet/gaming) Depression and anxiety, anger issues, low self -worth, unhelpful family beliefs, childhood/adult abuse issues, domestic violence, self-sabotaging tendencies, behavioral issues, grief and loss.

Location: Lesley Hartman & associates Inc 3845 Joseph Howe Dr, Halifax, NS B3L 4H9

Phone: 902 431 1721


Name: Grace McKnight

Credentials: MEd Counselling, RCT, CCC MA Religious Studies, CPE-1 spiritual Care, B Art Ed., Certified Mindfulness Based Chronic Pain Management Facilitator

Employer: Self employed

Position: Registered Counselling Therapist

Clientele: Adults including young adults and seniors

Scope of Practice: Experience creative therapeutic conversation to enhance your understanding and relief from grief, anxiety, trauma, chronic pain, addiction & spiritual crisis., *Visual Expression

Location: Mahone Bay and Bridgewater

Phone: 902 624 0066


Name: Sheila Mills

Credentials: M.Ed., RCT-C

Employer: Private Practice

Position: Counsellor

Clientele: Individuals, Children, Youth, Students, Couples, Families

Scope of Practice: anger management, behaviors, ADHD, learning challenges, relationships, parenting, health , stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, addictions, eating disorders, body image, retirement, aging, loss, abuse, career, transitions, resiliency

Location: New Minas, NS

Phone: 902-679-2789,902-300-5224


Name: Ruth Mitchell

Credentials: MA, RCT, CCC

Employer: SoulSpace Counselling Therapy

Position: Registered Counselling Therapist

Clientele: All ages, gender

Scope of Practice: Narrative approach, self-exploration, self-care, online

Location: Truro

Phone: 902-843-1303



Name: Erin Montgomery

Credentials: MEd, RCT, FAMI, CCC, MTA, TITC-CT

Employer: Self-Employed


Clientele: Adults and teens with PTSD, complex trauma, anxiety, and depression

Scope of Practice: I provide individual and group counselling to those who have experienced difficult life events resulting in symptoms of traumatic stress, complex trauma, depression and anxiety.

Location: Living Well Integrative Health Centre 2176 Windsor Street, Halifax, NS B3K 5B6

Phone: 902-448-2138


Name: Christine Fall Moore

Credentials: MC (Applied Psychology), G. Dip. Ed. Coun., B.A., RCT, CCC, Supervisor for RCT-C

Employer: Neuro Anchor Psychotherapy

Position: Counselling Therapist; Psychotherapist

Clientele: Adults, Couples, Youth, Family

Scope of Practice: Interpersonal, dynamic & emotion-focused psychotherapies; emotionally focused couples therapy; solution focused hypnotherapy; mindfulness cognitive behaviour therapy; trauma, depression & anxiety; stress-management; chronic disease management; psychosocial assessment; supervision of RCT-Candidates

Location: Sackville/Bedford

Phone: 902-401-5364


Name: Sandra Murray

Credentials: B.Ed, MACP, RCT

Employer: Nova Scotia Teachers Union

Position: Counsellor

Clientele: Individuals, Couples, Youth, Families

Scope of Practice: Anger Management, Anxiety, Depression, Loss/Grief, Co-Parenting, Addictions, Relationships, Self-Esteem, Transitions/Life Stages

Location: Province of Nova Scotia

Phone: (902) 477-5621/1-800-565-6788


Name: Barry Nahirnak

Credentials: MEd, RCT-C, CCC

Employer: Private Practice

Position: Counselling Therapist

Clientele: Adults, Children, Couples

Scope of Practice: Specializing in Complex Trauma/Attachment Issues, Domestic Abuse, Grief/Loss, Anxiety, Depression, Addictions and Relationship Counselling.

Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Phone: 902-229-9598


Name: Kathleen Naylor

Credentials: M.Ed. (Counselling), RCT, CCC

Employer: Nova Scotia Community College, Lunenburg Campus

Position: Adult Learning Program Counsellor/Career Counsellor

Clientele: Community clients, prospective students, current students

Scope of Practice: Personal and career counselling

Location: NSCC Lunenburg, 75 High Street, Bridgewater, NS

Phone: 902-543-0500


Name: Beth Newell

Credentials: M.Ed Counselling Psych RCT, Diploma in Expressive Arts Therapy, Certified EMDR Clinician

Employer: Private practice

Position: Self-employed

Clientele: Adults, teens

Scope of Practice: All issues excluding children, marital, addictions and eating disorder counselling

Location: 260 Wyse Rd Suite 307, Dartmouth 6060 Hwy 207, Seaforth Community Hall

Phone: 902 471-7035


Name: Richard Nichols

Credentials: BSc.,MEd.,RCT,CCC, Extern graduate in Family Therapy Under Dr. Carolyn Humphries. Trainer in Effectiveness Training. Parent, Teacher, Youth. Reality Therapy Instructor, experience in University (MEd) teaching and facilitator training to develop group effectiveness.

Employer: J.Richard Nichols INC.

Position: President

Clientele: Groups Individuals, couples, families

Scope of Practice: Critical Incident, trauma, grief, anxiety, victim services, addiction, depression , sexuality and other personal and group issues including workplace conflict .

Location: 61 Catidian Place, Hebbville, Lunenburg County, NS B4V 7A7

Phone: 902-543-4140



Name: Sarah Osborne

Credentials: Masters of Expressive Arts Therapy, Graduate diploma in Child and Youth Mental Health, Certification in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Employer: SRO Expressive Therapies – private

Position: Registered Counselling Therapist

Clientele: Any age, any gender

Scope of Practice: Provides Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Expressive Arts Therapy

Location: Greenwood, Nova Scotia



Name: Joy Petropolis

Credentials: MEd(Counseling), RCT, CCC

Employer: Petropolis Medical Inc

Position: Counseling Therapist

Clientele: Individuals, couples, and families

Scope of Practice: relationship issues, personal issues, self esteem, stress, anxiety, depression, adjustment to life transitions, trauma, grief and loss, career counselling, work conflict issues, crisis intervention

Location: Halifax

Phone: 902- 446-6332


Name: Gary Owen Porter

Credentials: M.Ed. RCTC CCC

Employer: Gary Owen Porter Counselling Services

Position: Counsellor / Owner

Clientele: Adults and Youth

Scope of Practice: ADHD; Anxiety; Depression; Panic; Career and Life Transitions; Learning Disabilities; Grief; Trauma; Stress Management; Personal Growth and Wellness; Gender; Sexuality

Location: Lower Sackville, NS

Phone: 9025796877


Name: Gordon Power

Credentials: Med, RCT

Employer: G D Power Counselling and Consulting

Position: Counselling Therapist


Scope of Practice: Specializing in Addiction Counselling with individuals, couples and families

Location: Halifax area

Phone: 902-499-3757


Name: Beth Robinson

Credentials: PhD, RPsych, RCT, CCC

Employer: Acadia University

Position: Counsellor Educator


Scope of Practice:

Location: Wolfville

Phone: 902-585-1125


Name: Sue Robinson

Credentials: MEd, RCT, CCC

Employer: Private Practice

Position: Counselling Therapist

Clientele: Individuals, couples, families, adolescents

Scope of Practice: Anger, anxiety, depression, grief, relationship, school-related, stress

Location: East LaHave, near Lunenburg and Bridgewater

Phone: (902) 766-4432


Name: Mercedes Ruiz Fernandez

Credentials: BS in Psychology, MA in Gestalt Psychotherapy, RCT-C

Employer: Private Practice

Position: Counsellor

Clientele: Adults, Adolescents, Individuals, Couples

Scope of Practice: Gestalt is great when dealing with PTSD, anxiety, addiction, depression, stress, sexual abuse, victims of abuse, grief, relationship difficulties, etc. Languages available: English & Spanish.

Location: Dartmouth

Phone: 902-402-4232


Name: Susan Sarty

Credentials: MEd, RCT, CCC

Employer: Halifax Regional School Board/Private Practice

Position: Guidance Counsellor/ Registered Counselling Therapist

Clientele: Youth, Adults, Couples, Familes

Scope of Practice: Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Anger, Conflict Mediation, Grief, Relationships, Sexuality, Sexual Orientation, Abuse, Disordered Eating, Stress, Parenting, Addictions, Phobias, and career counselling.

Location: Sackville/Bedford

Phone: 902-448-0559



Name: Olga Scibior

Credentials: Ed.D., M.Ed. (Counselling Psychology), RCT,CCC



Clientele: adults, couples, adolescents

Scope of Practice: trauma recovery, grief and bereavement, depression, anxiety, stress management, transitions, sexual abuse, domestic violence, addictions; critical incident stress debriefing in workplaces; psycho-educational workshops

Location: Halifax

Phone: 902-497-0740


Name: Kimberly Strange

Credentials: MEd (Counselling) RCT, CCC

Employer: Self Employed

Position: Private Practitioner

Clientele: Adults, youth, children, families

Scope of Practice: I am currently accepting clients with presenting issues such as anxiety, depression, self-compasion, life decisions. I use a variety of counselling methods such as CBT, narrative therapy, mindfulness and relaxation tools and strategies.

Location: Fall River, Nova Scotia

Phone: 902 225 4970


Name: Nelleke Strik

Credentials: M.Ed. (Counselling), M.A. (French, Linguistics), Ph.D. (Linguistics), RCT-C, CCC

Employer: Family Service Association

Position: Clinical Therapist

Clientele: Adults, children and adolescents (individual, couples and family therapy)

Scope of Practice: Depression, anxiety, stress, relationship and family issues, grief and loss, anger management, addictions, trauma, life decisions and transitions, identity issues. * Can offer counselling in French and Dutch.

Location: 6080 Young Street, Young Tower - Suite 401, Halifax, NS B3K 5L2

Phone: 902-420-1980


Name: Laurie E. Suitor

Credentials: Master of Counselling Psychology (MACP), RCT-C

Employer: Private Practitioner

Position: Psychotherapist

Clientele: Adult individual, couples, adolescents

Scope of Practice: Offering broad based therapeutic services with specialization in trauma, depression, anxiety and concurrent disorders utilizing multiple modalities of therapy. EMDR trained.

Location: Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia



Name: Janet Tomlinson

Credentials: M.Ed.,RCT, CCC

Employer: Private Practice

Position: Registered Counselling Therapist

Clientele: Individuals/youth/couples

Scope of Practice: Addictions counselling; anxiety and depression issues; vocational counselling' youth/couples.

Location: 664 Prince Street, Truro, NS

Phone: 890-3853

Name: Lynn Toole

Credentials: MEd (Counselling), RCT, CCC

Employer: Advantage Rehabilitation Consultants Ltd and private practice (EAP counselling)

Position: Rehabilitation Supervisor/ Consultant and EAP counsellor

Clientele: Adults, youth, couples

Scope of Practice: Individual, couples, rehabilitation/ vocational/ career counselling

Location: Truro

Phone: 902-843-0947


Name: Heather Topshee

Credentials: MEd, CCC, RCT

Employer: Halifax Regional School Board/Private Practice

Position: School Counsellor and Registered Counselling Therapist

Clientele: Children, Adolescents/youth, Adults

Scope of Practice: Individual, couples, and group counselling in areas of anxiety, anger, career, depression, grief, stress management, self-concept, goal-setting, weight management, disordered eating and parenting.

Location: Halifax

Phone: 902-448-3342


Name: Sue Ward

Credentials: M.Ed.(Couns), CCC, RCT, CHyp



Clientele: Adults, adolescents and children

Scope of Practice: Anxiety, anger management, depression, family counseling, hypnotherapy, pain management, parenting, phobias, relationships, self-injury, spiritual, substance abuse, trauma, weight management.

Location: 474 Main Street, Middleton

Phone: 902-825-7157


Name: Julia Wassef

Credentials: M.Ed, RCT-C, CCC

Employer: Acadia University, Private Practice

Position: Counsellor

Clientele: University Students Private practice: children and adults

Scope of Practice: Trauma-informed, client-centered, feminist, animal-assisted: depression, anxiety & stress, emotional regulation, sexual assault.

Location: P.O. Box 2374 Wolfville, NS, B4P 2N5

Phone: 902.697.2281


Name: Jennifer Welcher

Credentials: BA, B.Ed., M.Ed, M.Ed., M.Ed., RCT-C, CCC

Employer: HRSB & Private Practice, EAP/EFAP Provider

Position: Academic DH (HRSB) Counsellor/Provider (Private Practice)

Clientele: Children, adolescents, adults & couples

Scope of Practice: Depression, anxiety, work/school/career issues, couples communication, relationship breakdown, LD, ADD/ADHD, cultural competency, LGBTQ2+ Ally, EAP/EFAP

Location: 13 Raymond Drive, Sackville, NS, B4C 1G9

Phone: (902) 229-0948


Name: Patricia Wentzell

Credentials: M.Ed. (Special Ed.), M.Ed.(Counselling), RCT, CCC

Employer: M.Ed. (Special Ed.), M.Ed.(Counselling), RCT, CCC

Position: Registered Counselling Therapist and School Counsellor

Clientele: Children, Adolescents, Adults (Individuals, Couples, Families)

Scope of Practice: Trauma-informed, couples (EFT), anxiety, depression, grief/ loss, work-related / academic and career concerns, conflict and anger management. Approaches include CBT, Solution-Focused, mindfulness and play therapy techniques.

Location: Bridgewater office and West Northfield Elementary School

Phone: (902) 527-8939


Name: Elsie Wetmore

Credentials: MEd (Intsructional Design) MEd (Counselling Psychology) CCC, RCT-C

Employer: Wetmore Counselling

Position: Owner

Clientele: Adolescents/Adults/Individuals/Couples/Businesses

Scope of Practice: Offering counselling (in office) &Walk &Talk Therapy (outdoors) looking at life transitions, disordered eating, workplace stress, depression, anxiety, relationships, parenting, grief, personal growth, eldercare

Location: 112 Front St., Suite 209 Wolfville NS.

Phone: 902-698-7258



Name: Jennine Wilson

Credentials: MEd (Counselling), RCT, CCC

Employer: Private practice and not for profit agency

Position: Counselling Therapist and Program Coordinator

Clientele: Child, Youth, Persons with disabilities, Adult

Scope of Practice: My approach to counselling primarily uses narrative and expressive modalities such as art and play. Career and life skills program.

Location: Kentville and New Minas

Phone: (902) 680-8706


Name: Linda J. Wilson

Credentials: BEd, MEd (Counselling), RCT, CCC

Employer: Linda Wilson: Counselling Services

Position: Counselling Therapist

Clientele: Individuals, children (4-12), adolescents, adults, families

Scope of Practice: Anger, anxiety, depression, family and relationship concerns, stress

Location: Camperdown, near Bridgewater & Liverpool

Phone: (902) 529-0001


Name: Jerry Young, RCT

Credentials: Master of Education, Counselling. RCT B.S.W. Dalhousie University.


Position: Counselling Therapist

Clientele: Children/Teens/adults

Scope of Practice: CBT focused approach to Grief and Loss, Anxiety, Depression, Suicide and self-harming behaviors, sexual orientation and other personal issues.

Location: Sydney, NS

Phone: 902-270-2186


Name: Nick Zwaagstra

Credentials: MC:AT, RCT, CCC, RCAT

Employer: Private practice

Position: Director

Clientele: All ages, dyadic work, groups

Scope of Practice: Counselling and Art Therapy specialization; mental health, self-esteem & GLBT, grief & loss, trauma, life-threatening illness & palliative care, stress mitigation, workshops, Art Therapy Training, consulting & supervision.

Location: 3621 Dutch Village Road, Halifax, NS, B3N 2T1

Phone: (902) 445-5675 or mobile (902) 499-4354