Applicants from Outside of Canada

Before You Apply
You will be considered for licensure with NSCCT as a Registered Counselling Therapist (RCT) or a Registered Counselling Therapist-Candidate (RCT-C) if:

  • The license you hold in your originating jurisdiction meets or exceeds NSCCT requirements for licensure. The NSCCT Registration Committee and/or the registrar assesses whether this criteria is met. The registrar maintains the right to make the final decision, called an adjudication.
  • A government authority – usually in the form of an Act or law – validates your originating licensing body.
  • You finished a supervised post graduate practice time that meets or exceeds NSCCT standards. NSCCT requires its candidate members to finish 2,000 or more total hours with 800 or more hours of direct client counselling contact and 50 or more hours of clinical supervision with an approved supervisor.
  • You held full licensure with your regulatory body in your originating jurisdiction after your supervised practice time.

Please note NSCCT will respect and accommodate for standards that change over time in originating jurisdictions.

How to Apply

Submit to NSCCT a letter from your registrar (or your regulatory body’s equivalent ) in your originating jurisdiction that says:

  • You are a member in good standing
  • You are not the subject of any unresolved disciplinary matters and there are no sanctions imposed on you
  • You are not the subject of any unresolved disciplinary matters and there are no sanctions imposed on you from other jurisdictions, to the knowledge of your registrar (or regulatory body’s equivalent)

The letter must disclose if you have been the subject of disciplinary action, with or without sanctions imposed on you. You must agree for your registrar (or regulatory body equivalent) in your originating jurisdiction to disclose the nature and details of the disciplinary action. The NSCCT registrar and the Registration Committee will study this information to determine if any threat of harm exists to the public if you were successful in becoming a RCT or RCT-C.

Putting Together Your Application Package
There are steps to putting together your application package. Follow the instructions to apply to become a registered member by going to the Become a Member page.

A Successful Application and an Individualized Mentoring Plan
If your application is successful, NSCCT will grant you a temporary license as a RCT or RCT-C. You will need to become familiar with the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice NSCCT follows. You will start a mandatory supervision relationship with a RCT that will last at least 6 months long, include at least 12 hours of clinical supervision, and include case consultation. Case consultation with your supervisor will help you become familiar with the ethical standards NSCCT follows that may be different from the ethical standards your originating regulatory body follows.

During your supervision time, your supervisor will document and provide regular feedback to you on your progress, using an Individualized Mentoring Plan (IMP). The IMP includes a start and finish date, a midterm progress report, and a final report.

Your supervisor must be certain can successfully finished your IMP. If your supervisor identifies significant challenges in the midterm progress report, the supervision time may be extended and the IMP changed. You, your supervisor, and the registrar will sign a changed IMP that will outline any extension, changes, and measurable goals.

If you’re not able to successfully finish the changed IMP, your supervisor must send you and the registrar a written and explicit evaluation explaining their findings.

After Your Supervision Time and Individualized Mentoring Plan
You can apply to NSCCT for licensure when your supervision has ended and your IMP is finished