Core Values

The attitudes, decisions and behaviour of the Nova Scotia College of Counselling Therapists are characterized and measured by our commitment to…

RESPECT… through which we recognize the humanity, dignity and autonomy of others.

ACCOUNTABILITYthrough which we take responsibility for our decisions and the action that affect our mission and our stakeholders.

EQUITY, DIVERSITY & INCLUSIONthrough which all of our endeavours are informed by an awareness that historical injustices continue to echo through the systems of colonial design to create continuing systemic barriers that we wish to identify and eliminate throughout the College’s sphere of influence.

TRANSPARENCY & OPENNESS… through which weremain open to constructive ideas and transparent in our processes.

HUMILITY… through which weapproach the challenges of regulation with a willingness to listen and understand the voices and perspectives of others and with a recognition of our own cultural biases and shortcomings.

STEWARDSHIP… through which we nurture and protect the reputation and integrity of the profession.

RESPONSIVENESS… through which werespond to new trends in governance and practice through the use of research, evaluation tools and best-practices; in responding to the needs and enquiries of stakeholders we strive to ensure.