Our Legislative Mandate

The Nova Scotia Counselling Therapists Act, establishes the College’s mandate to,

How We Fulfill Our Mandate

Unlike a professional association or trade union, the College does not represent the interests of individual Counselling Therapists, and may only promote the profession when doing so is clearly in the public interest. In Nova Scotia the College of Counselling Therapists (NSCCT) fulfills our legal mandate by ensuring that:

Title Protection

 In order to help protect the public from unlicensed mental health providers, the Counselling Therapists Act, provides Registered Counselling Therapists with “title protection.” This means that only properly educated and licensed individuals are legally authorized to use the designations: “Counselling Therapist,” “Registered Counselling Therapist” (or “RCT”), “Registered Counselling Therapist – Candidate” (or “RCT-C”). It also prohibits anyone other than an RCT from describing the services they provide as “counselling therapy.”

You can help us protect the public and the integrity of the profession from misleading, dangerous and illegal title fraud. If you suspect someone might be using any of these titles, or advertising “counselling therapy” services, without being licensed to do so, please report it here.