Professional Conduct Notices

In accordance with the objects of the College, the purpose of the professional conduct process is to inhibit professional misconduct, conduct unbecoming the profession or incompetence by a counselling therapist or to inhibit a registrant from practising while incapacitated.

The College or a disciplinary committee may employ, at the expense of the College, such legal or other assistance as it considers necessary for the purpose of the investigation and disposition of any disciplinary matter.

All complaints received or under investigation, all information gathered in the course of the professional conduct process and all proceedings and decisions of a disciplinary committee that are not open to or available to the public in accordance with the Counselling Therapists Act or Regulations, must be kept confidential by any person who possesses such information.

To the extent authorized by the Act or Regulations, and on the direction of the Complaints Committee or Professional Conduct Committee as the may be the case, the following professional conduct notices are issued.