Non-Licensed (Affiliate) Membership

The NSCCT recognizes four categories of Affiliate Members. These memberships are designed to allow persons who have an interest or attachment to the NSCCT, to participate in and support the work of the College.

Retired Affiliate Members continue to share their experience and expertise in support of the College’s mandate. In addition to being able to serve on certain College committees retired members retain eligibility to vote in Board elections and at the AGM. Retired members receive all College publications.

Associate Affiliate Members support the College’s objectives and activities, and may be eligible to serve on certain College committees. All non-RCT candidacy supervisors are granted complimentary Associate Affiliate membership. Associate members receive all College publications.

Student Affiliate Members are enrolled in a graduate level counselling therapy degree program and can use this opportunity to further establish their professional identity and sphere of new colleagues. Student members receive all College publications and may be eligible to serve on certain committees. Student members are also able to apply their previous year’s membership fee to their initial RCT-C registration/licensure fee.

Retired, Associate and Student memberships can be obtained by completing an Affiliate Membership Application

Honorary Affiliate Memberships are presented by the Board of Directors in recognition of outstanding contributions to the advancement and integrity of the College.